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Christian J. Bakker

While touring our gallery with Christian J. Bakker during the inaugural exhibition of his work Lyrical Chromaticism, we had a special time to talk with him and get to know some details of his art.

We started our conversation, and the first question we thought it was important to ask him was:Who is Christian J. Bakker? With a very cheerful tone of voice and in a spontaneous way he told us "I am a passionate contemporary artist, I love to share happiness through my paintings and I like to leave a positive feeling in the heart of the people who see my art".

Looking at the works, we asked him: What is the thought that is in your mind when you create your works? "When I paint I express my emotions in an abstract way and I try to capture what I have in my heart. I don't think, I just feel; I take the spatula and the brush, I select the colors according to my mood and I let myself be carried away by my movements".

What does each of your works mean to you? "Each work is an abstraction of my heart, my soul and my being. It's like a photograph of my being at that moment". During the tour we see that none of the works have a specific name, what is the reason for that? "It is for a very simple reason, abstract art communicates beyond the strokes and colors; and that makes that for each person the work has a unique and personal meaning according to their experience, education, training, etc.. The objective I wish to achieve with my works is to transmit love, joy and peace".

What do you feel when someone takes one of your works? I feel a lot of joy when my artwork becomes part of a new home, office or other space, because I know that my artwork has become something special not only for me but also for the person who bought it. Then I feel that I have fulfilled my goal as an artist because I have awakened a beautiful emotion in that person.

We ended the tour with the artist with a great feeling of satisfaction, since we were not only able to get to know his artistic talent but also his charisma and human quality.

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